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Drop Shot for Finicky Bass in Cold Weather

When the temperature drops so do the fish. Or at least go to their desired temperature zone. Whether you’re fishing for largemouth , spots, or smallies, there is one tactic that will effectively catch all three species: the drop shot. Drop shotting is effective, easy and a good way to catch or cull fish. All that is needed is a 6’6" medium action spinning rod and reel spooled with eight to ten pound fluorocarbon.

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Hot New Gear For 2013

Foul weather and time can take quite a toll on your gear. That’s why we recommend restocking any worn, misplaced and outdated baits with the latest lures and accessories from Tuscaroran Pro Lures.

  • Rude Frogs   
  • Tomahawks
  • Cherokee Rippers

They all have a remarkable ability to come through cover with no problem, getting settled right in the target zone.
Having trusty go-to bait is always a plus. These new lures are rapidly becoming angler favorites.

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